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LIght in the Desert

We are a Via De Cristo Community serving Nevada, Utah and Arizona. We are organized for the exclusive religious purpose of Christianizing our community and the world by developing Christian leaders and making them aware of their mission for Christ in the environment in which they live. 


Past Experiences

My dad was an Episcopal priest and very active in several three day movement organizations across the Country.  When he and my mother moved to Las Vegas in 2003, they immediately began looking for a movement here. They found Light in the Desert. It was a perfect fit. When he passed in 2014, this VDC family ministered to my mother and me in a profound and spiritual way.  I attended my first VDC that September and found myself a new spiritual home. Light in the Desert Via de Cristo is a strong community of Christians dedicated to furthering God's Kingdom on Earth through Faith, Grace and Love. I am so glad I found these amazing Christians! 


Grand Ultreya

Grand Ultreya is a gathering of the entire community.  During Ultreya, we sing, pray, worship, and celebrate together.  These gatherings are meant to provide times for fellowship as well as information sharing.  They typically last 3-4 hours. Locations are announced prior to each Ultreya and are typically held at various churches around the Las Vegas Valley.

About Us

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement By Grace, with the Holy Spirit, we live, love, learn & develop in Christian Community 

Basic Themes of Via de Cristo

• God encounters us,

and it is He who brings

us into a true encounter

with ourselves.

• Christ develops and

maintains a friendship

with us that lasts

through all eternity

• We take our place in a

community of brothers

and sisters in Christ

• We appropriate responsibility

for sharing Jesus Christ with the


Our Purpose

Bringing families closer together

and closer to Christ!


When I was asked to attend VdC, I had some questions and then needed to think & pray.  Upon giving my sponsor the yes, I was fully committed to the weekend, and my faith was rewarded with an Awesome experience.  VdC has become part of my ministry.  Since my pilgrim weekend, I have worked on team for most weekends, I am on the Secretariat, I attended the National Conference in 2016. Wow, so many more blessings.  Being part of this community keeps me grounded and connected with other Christians, striving for a better relationship with God and others, working to up my game in my personal devotions/service, being more open with my faith out in the world, and more. God truly blesses us all, and VdC has proven to be so many of those for me. 

                    ~Nan, VdC #23

More Testimony

Hi and thanks for letting me share,

I thought I was really being a good faith following Christian, I helped people whenever I could by either donating cash or my time to help with whatever was needed. I read the bible, went to church and played in a Christian band, I really thought I was doing everything right that I could.

Then I went on my pilgrimage to VDC #23, wow was I shocked in a way that it said to me, you have been involved in a good way but I have not been fully committed. So I had to take a step back and revalidate myself. With the help and guidance of my table leaders, spiritual directors and my fellow pilgrams, I learned more on how not only to be a good Christian, but how to have a much tighter faith walk with God.

Now a few years later, my walk with Christ has progressed pretty well using the tools that was pointed out to me at VDC #23. I have learned how to study more and more efficient, I have learned to fully commit where I was only involved, I have learned that I wasn’t alone in a Christ led life as those that were there told me that they too was once where I was at and have grown in their walks as well.

What a wonderful experience I had. Now 3 years later, I still attend the VDC weekends. This not only keeps me focused on God but helps me be around a lot of other Christians who are like me and it provides a feeling of accountability that I stay the course in my walk. From learning to serving in his name, this was and still is truly an amazing time of my life.


Brian C

VDC# 23


Site Content

Pastor Nicole’s VDC Reflections


I consider myself a mystical Christian meaning my spirituality is very deep and heightened.  When I've been asked how that happened, I begin to share my conversion experience.  Here was my intimate moment of having God speak to me and begin to fully peel back my Chrysalis shell. 

If the intensity and power of that moment of conversion wasn't wonderful enough, nearly a month later, my friend sponsored me to make a Cursillo. I made my Cursillo back in the fall of 2003 through the Ecumenical Cursillo Community of Illinois. Right from God's hands as that butterfly ready and contemplating flight, to that mountaintop! I was on that mountain. And I took that spirit straight to seminary 5 years later in 2008.

Each of those years before I officially started seminary I served on Cursillo weekends, Kairos Outside weekends, studied Stephens ministry and was in the Diakonia program. As you have learned from Cursillo, palanca means lever. For me, “priming the pump” to that lever came through these ministries and serving year after year, to heightening my journey to go beyond myself, beyond my expectations.  I cannot be more grateful to God for all he has blessed me with!

Why was Cursillo so successful for me? Cursillo intensely focuses on the first church, the heart.  The heart is the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit.  It is the place, center of life, seat of the soul.  The heart is the place of and for transformation. It is where the New Nature is planted and where the Holy Spirit guides us to reap it. I can fully say, I am New! Cursillo recharges and reassures me of my faith formation with God. 

Part of living Grace is experiencing the joy of sharing the gift of Cursillo to others.  I know the beauty of Christ's Words, to love, to give beyond the self.  Cursillo is like a magnifying glass to this realization of faith. I don't think I would be where I am these days if I didn't have that mountaintop experience. 

From the breaking of the bread together, "zapping" people, to hearing the witness of others... we are truly living the way of Christ.  We are spiritually there on mount Sinai, or the plain, living but a glimpse into Jesus' Beatitudes. We are being the attitude of gratitude.  We are LIVING Grace! 

Cursillo is the greatest gift you can ever give to someone.  I say that with an honest & truly transformed heart!

Thanks Be to Lord.

So call your friend—Hey Dolores! De Colores! Come & join the VDC!

Pastor Nicole Collins 

Psalm 69:32-- "Let the oppressed see it & be glad; You who seek God, let your hearts revive!"